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Tandoori Tofu!! tryinh one other indian meals. and that i adore it. i used recipe, however…

Tandoori Tofu!!

tryinh one different indian meals. and that i am keen on it. i used erin.appetit recipe, nonetheless i modify it barely. study her internet web page out, it’s tasty tho

dEATs : flatbread and Tandoori Tofu topped with parsley

for the Flatbread :
– 20gr of all objective flour
– salt
– italian seasoning (i’ve on a regular basis love italian seasoning in a flatbread)
– water (progressively add it)
– 1/4tsp oil
mix all of it up till sort a dough, let it sit inside the fridge for 1 hour. type it and fry inside the pan

Tofu :
– 1 block of tofu
– 1tbsp lemon juice
– 1 cup of yoghurt
– garlic powder 1tsp
– half of tsp flooring ginger
– 1 tsp chilli powder
– dash of himsalt

Mix all of it up and marinate it for 2 hours, then bake it inside the oven 200C for 25minutes.

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