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>>>Swipe to see that magnificence gooey oats Thanks mr types for the inspiration…

>>>Swipe to see that magnificence gooey oats

Thanks mr varieties harrystyles for the inspiration

vanilla latte with a shot of caramel creamer

gonna identify this baked oat :

✨ Sorts Baked Oat ✨

since his fav starbucks drink revealed many people are purchasing for it. along with me! then i assumed to myself, why don’t i make it into oatmeal?

anyone who loves mr varieties drink ought to do that tho!

proper right here’s the and recipe (Serving 2)

i’ve found on-line that vanilla latte includes steamed milk, espresso and vanilla syrup.

Espresso :
– 1,5 tsp of immediate espresso
– half cup of plantbased mylk
– half cup of water
– 1/4 tsp of cinnamon

heat it on saucepan. it will make the espresso model and scent increased.

for the :

– 90gr of oats (i used quaker )
– 2 tsp of vanilla syrup/extract
– 2 tsp of baking powder
– espresso

steps :
• preheat your oven 180C
• combine all collectively till clear
• pour into your ramekin or any ovensafe bowl
• drizzle your caramel sauce on excessive of it
• Bake spherical 15-18 minutes

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