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Protein Avonana mousse three components solely, vegan & refined sugar free let me te…

Protein Avonana mousse
three parts solely, vegan & refined sugar free

let me let you understand one issue about myself, i’ve restrained myself from consuming sugar in any kind of kind. since, my mom is diabetic, i try and administration my sugar consumption. i do nonetheless have chocolate sometimes nonetheless then i prohibit myself to eat one different batch of too sweet meals. it’s okay sometimes to restricted your self from consuming an extreme quantity of sweet meals. know your prohibit on what your physique can take. that’s why, my recipes sometimes does use small to none sweetener😂 since i started to ‘know my prohibit’ i truly can’t take one thing that is too sweet.
initially, i don’t use sweetener, nonetheless you’re free to utilize any sweetener of choice, ideally liquid.

half avocado
1 banana
1 scoop sunwarrior chocolate collagen protein (you probably can sub with cacao powder)
salt (utterly non-compulsory)


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