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Pataya Pancake aka Papaya and Pitaya iโ€™ve been struggling to discover a good good b…

Pataya Pancake aka Papaya and Pitaya๐Ÿคช

iโ€™ve been struggling to find a superb good batter for this pancake. since papaya contains loads of water and so does pitaya. i canโ€™t pour an extreme quantity of milk or else the batter may be too liquidy. moreover, pancake with out banana feels utterly totally different. i might say that banana give that good fashion in a pancake.

Pitaya :
40gr pitaya puree
half banana
1tbsp liquid palm sugar
35gr oat flour
1/2tsp baking powder
nondairy milk

Papaya batter :
35gr papaya puree
40gr oat flour
half of tsp baking powder
1 tbsp liquid palm sugar
half banana
nondairy milk

pitaya jam (recipe on feed)
nondairy yoghurt
peanut butter

mix each batter, step-by-step add the milk till you attain the consistency of pancake batter. pour 1tbsp of batter on a heated pan, as quickly as bubble flip.

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