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No PB however Chocolate & Jelly Pancake! that is truthfully one in all my favourite pancak…

No PB nevertheless Chocolate & Jelly Pancake!

that’s in truth one in every of my favorite pancake. could gonna add it to my go to pancake. EASY to make, AND DELISH TOO! and fluffy!

did you swipe? did you see how fluffy it is?!?!

80gr oats quaker flip to flour
75gr mashed banana
2 tsp cocoa powder
1tbsp liquid palm sugar
1tsp baking powder
120 ml nondairy milk
dash of salt
pitaya jam/or any jam you’ve. i used my leftover pitaya jam.

for the chocolate sauce:
1tbsp liquid palm sugar
half tsp cocoa powder

in a bowl, mashed your banana and mix with all substances. a spoonful of batter on heated pan and half tbs jam throughout the heart, pour anothe batter to close the jam. flip as quickly because it bubbles.

for the sauce, merely mix it up an pour ontop of pancake.

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  1. @dishndally Wow! Your Chocolate & Jelly Pancake Stack looks so delish! Thanks for sharing your yummy recipe.

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