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mango stuffed baked bombolone (+home made mango jam) swipe to see how fluffy the …

mango stuffed baked bombolone (+handmade mango jam)
swipe to see how fluffy the bombolone is

i was so excited in making this recipe. the truth behind my polling this morning is i’ve acquired 5 recipe ideas in my ideas, nevertheless i’m too overwhelmed to resolve on which recipe i should make first. you guys made the choice, i bake what you chose. and that i aint complaining. the doughnut itself is so fluffy, in case you guys swiped the picture. plus the filling is so loaded and refreshing. you probably can sub it with any filling you need.

the doughnut/bombolone:
1 cup bread flour (sub: AP flour)
100ml plant milk
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp instantaneous yeast
1 tbsp coconut oil

mango jam:
1 cup of up to date mango, blended
1 squeeze lemon juice

1. mix yeast, sugar and flour.
2. add oil and plant milk (add further milk if it’s too dry, or flour if it’s too moist)
3. mix collectively until you get light dough
4. leisure it for 2 hours
5. make 6 balls out of the dough
6. leisure it for 30 minutes
7. bake at 180 for 20 minutes
8. whereas prepared the bombolne chill, make the filling.
9. on a heated saucepan, add your blended mango and lemon. hearth up till it’s thickened up. let it chill and put inside your piping bag.
10. as quickly because the bombolone chill, make a spot using a chopstick
11. add your filling. the bombolone will develop as quickly because the filling is in.



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