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KIMCHI SOONDUBU JJIGAE (Korean spicy mushy tofu stew) one among my consolation meals. my …

KIMCHI SOONDUBU JJIGAE (Korean spicy mushy tofu stew)
one amongst my comfort meals. my bestfriend when i felt chilly. a super meals on a cold local weather.
actuality is, you presumably can eat a jjigae (stew) with one thing. i usually put a bean sprout in it when i don’t have enoki. you presumably can add soy curls or meat if you’re not vegan.

this serving is for 3 people.
proper right here’s the deets:
2 blocks of soppy tofu
half cup bean sprouts
half cup kimchi and kimchi water
half onion, chopped
1 tbsp gochujang
1 tbsp gochugaru or chilli powder. be at liberty in order so as to add or cut back the powder to you spicy stage
1 tbsp sesame oil
half tsp mushroom seasoning
500ml water
salt to model

heat sesame oil on low heat, hearth up onion, kimchi and kimchi water. when the kimchi is soften, add water, gochujang and gochugaru (chilli powder). when the water boiled, add bean sprout and tofu. add mushroom seasoning and salt to model.

if you add some meat, please do stir the meat sooner than onion until cooked.

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