Quick Dinner

i noticed gingerbread oats and determined to make it too however this one just isn’t baked oat…

i seen livsgoodfood gingerbread oats and decided to make it too nonetheless this one simply is not baked oats. it’s in a single day oats.

then decided to make a gingerbread cookies too this morning.

: selfmade peanut butter, yoghurt, banana, gingerbread cookies and gingerbread in a single day oats.

for the gingerbread cookies :
– 20gr of oats
– splash of vanilla extract
– 1tsp of sweetener (maplesyrup or honey)
– 1/4 tsp ground ginger
– half of tsp ground cinnamon
– 1 tsp chia seed
– half of tsp baking soda
– liquid (i don’t know hom lots i merely add it progressively as i knead the dough)

mix all of it up till grow to be a raw dough and shapeable. type it as you need. i don’t have cookie cutter so i type it with a knife🤣
put it inside the oven 180C for 10 minutes

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