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crusty cookie мαɴɢo cake i severely must be extra artistic one the title. swi…

crusty cookie мαɴɢo cake🥭🍪

i severely have to be additional creative one the title. swipe to see the tiny ooze🤩
Good Morning everyone, that’s your selections of what i must make this morning. i severely a bit skeptical in regards to the fashion, i suggest mango+lotus+chocolate 😩
i must’ve know these combo might be AMAZINg. it’s a 10/10. the proper one i’ve ever tried🤤 take fairly quite a bit how crusty and moist the cookie is. and the best way moist the brownie🤤

– 25 gr oat flour
– 10gr chopped chocolate bar (v)
– 1 tbsp runny nut butter
– 2-Three tbsp plant milk
– salt
– vanilla extract
– 1/4 baking powder

mango cake:
– 10 gr oat flour
– 20 gr sunwarror collagen protein (sub with 15 gr oat flour)
– 1/4 baking powder
– salt
– 4-5 tbsp mango, blended
– 2 tbsp plant milk
– vanilla extract

– 1 tbsp biscoff unfold

1. preheat oven 180C
2. make cookie batter, flatten up on a greased ramekin
3. mix cake batter, pour half ontop of cookie batter
4. add filling
5. cowl with half of batter
6. bake for 20 minutes

anyway, do u need my collection of caption like this or the usual one?

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